buy raw vegan cake and raw vegan desserts in Barcelona

  • sugar-free


  • gluten-free

  • diary-free


  • soy-free

  • no preservatives


  • organic ingredients


  • well balanced compositions


  • eco technologies


  • fully handmade


  • love



We carefully analyze the composition of our raw vegan recipes, as a well-thinking combination of ingredients, bringing, as a result, something delicious and unique for your body. So you can enjoy it without regret. 


Due to a balanced combination of ingredients, our raw vegan desserts are good for everybody. Each of our raw vegan sweets is gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, egg-free, and soy-free. It has no artificial flavorsno artificial colorants, and no preservatives. These raw vegan treats are perfect for kids, allergic, diabeticbreast-feeding mothers, vegetarian, vegan, raw foodie, and those, who love sport and respect their body. Because everybody has a right to enjoy life!