We initiate this project to share with you our ideas about healthy, delicious and colorful lifestyle.


Our raw food experience got started few years ago and passed by different phases: from incredible surprise about raw food richness to unbearable despair about lack of raw vegan options in daily life. Simultaneously, we’ve read and watched tones of information, met professional nutritionists and adopt tips of experienced raw foodists. We also have travelled to different countries, collecting the multicultural nutrition experience. Finally, we accumulate all this knowledge and now we know what exactly your body likes.




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vegan chocolate donut
raw cupcake

Now we are a small fully handmade raw patisserie business, operating online in Barcelona. Our raw vegan desserts are go beyond the typical sweets, they are an organic treats full of natural vitamins, minerals and microelements.


We attentively select ripe fruits and berries, best-quality nuts and dry fruits, well made superfood and natural sweeteners for producing the totally healthy raw sweets. We don’t bake, boil or fry. Everything we do – pulp, blend and dehydrate below 38 C to save for you healthy benefit of raw food.