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Thanks for all your feedbacks that make us feel that the job we do is important for you. We honestly promise to take all your comments into account and become better. We are happy to share with you!

And the most important - it is good for tummies



- Thank you a lot! Your raw desserts matched our party style so much) and it was delicious! The daughter's and my favorite was raw banana cake, for my husband - pancakes cake. All kids liked a lot truffles balls 😍 and the most important - it is good for tummies😋


The most impressive things were details



- Thank you a lot! Just in 1 day you made amazing raw cake for our pirate kid's party. Everybody was thrilled! It was pretty, healty and delicious! But the most impressive things were detailes: decoration of the cake, pack and topper were in the pirate style. It transferred your love and care to job you do. It is priceless! Good luck!


It is not just insanely delicious, but also really pretty decorated



- Thank you for your raw vegan delights. It is not just insanely delicious, but also really pretty decorated. In my experience, most of the raw food desserts don't look really attractive, to put it mildly. I couldn't tell the same about these raw desserts - I even felt guilty to eat it, just wanted to admire. Each cake, cookie or cupcake - is a real masterpiece.


It makes us think what is we really eat



-  It is exeptional, fresh and amazing! Variety of natural alive flavors with no additives and  no sugar makes us think what we really eat. Thank you!


Even conservative parents were delighted



- Weekend passed as well as my birthday. Now I can just remeber that amazing raw cake. For the hundredth time I want to thank you. It was delicious, even my parents, that have more traditional food habits, were delighted! I am so happy)


In the list of ingredients we didn't find anything we really loved (no sugar, no milk, no flour)


Grem :

- Few days ago my wife and I decided to order raw cake, taking into account that in the list of ingredients we didn't find anything we really loved (no sugar, no milk, no flour). We were so surprised about delicious and exeptional flavor of the cake. Thank you!


Not just rawfoodists or vegans can enjoy these desserts


Julia :


- "You are the main sweet tooth", - my friends are telling) and believe me, I know a lot about sweets!) I love different tastes and experiments. When I tried these raw desserts, for the first time, I was surprised that everybody can enjoy it, not just rawfoodist or vegan. Down with stereotypes! Let yourself to enjoy healthy desserts and delicious sweets)


Now you can order a cake without any awfull Е




-  Excellent combination of coconut, chocolate and fresh fruits! Thank you for such a yummy dessert. I can not believe that, finally, there is an opportunity to order a raw cake without any additives and stabilizers! From that day I become your loyal customer and look forward to your new creations!


Raw vegan cakes are even better than baked cakes


Victoria :


- When I tried raw cake for the first time I expected that it is going to be something without any defined flavor. But the raw vegan cake surpassed all my expectations and the flavor surprised me a lot. Now I can be sure to tell that raw vegan cakes are even better than baked cakes. Even if you are a fan of steaks and ice cream you have to taste it!



These raw desserts have a unique taste


Alex and Christina :


- Thank you for the sweet bar for our wedding party. All raw desserts had a unique taste: everybody liked mild combination of chocolate, coconut, berries and fig. Mouth-watering organic desserts were amazing and pretty made.

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