These no-baked vanilla shortbread cookies with creamy, chocolate or berry topping is not just delicious, but also healthy raw sweet. Be sure, our shortbread cookies have no butter and will bring you a lot of energy instead of unwanted santimeters.

Minimum order is 5 pieces.

coconut, slow carbs, vanilla, organic sweetener, cashew, coconut oil, cacao/berry/vanilla topping, fruits / berries / herbs for decoration

Raw vegan shortbread cookies

    • If you have any food intolerances, please, inform us while making the order.
    • The prices and decoration for all of our products can vary depending on what ingredients are in season.
    • Delivery time is 2-3 days.
    • Raw cookies must be kept refrigerated maximum for 2 days or frozen up to 3 weeks.
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    • instagram    marawcuya 

To place your order please contact us


whatsapp   +34 679 947 413


Barcelona, Spain

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