It almost sounds too good to be true – we offer you a delicious cake, flavorful cookie or mouthwatering cupcake minus the guilt.

You wonder, how is it possible?


Actually, there is no magic or any invisible force: everything we do is using flavors, colors and benefits of the nature. To put it simple, in our raw desserts we replace refined and modified ingredients for ones in original state. As a result, it makes all our products fully raw, plant based and wholesome that let you enjoy nutritional sweet treats instead of empty calories. Moreover, our raw vegan desserts are high in good fats, that’s why you get full and satisfied with smaller portion of real nutrient dense and nourish sweets.


By definition, raw food is unheated or cooked at less than 38 to 45 degrees to maintain natural enzymes, which we need for every bodily function. Applying heat (specifically above 45C) destroys most of the natural enzymes in food, so the body overworks itself by having to produce more of its own enzymes, exhausting its energy. By nature, we have our own store of enzymes, but we also rely on the enzymes we get from our food. 


For making our raw vegan cakes and desserts we use delicate and organic ingredients as much as it possible. That helps us to make all our wholesome products full of high nutrient values, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, we infuse our healthy treats with superfoods as spirulina, raw cacao, carob and others. As a result, you enjoy 100% raw and healthy desserts which nourish your body and soul.